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Young People's Leadership Development

Marie Adebiyi

Marie E. Adebiyi, MBA, CNP

Founder and Director of YPLD program

This program embraces the cultural diversity in the community and provides the opportunity for young people to build their leadership skills.

YPLD is built on the conceptual framework of Serious Leisure and Community Development as defined by one's Community Engagement to provide avenues where individuals can gain practical leisure experience, enhance their holistic development, build on their work ethics, advance their leadership skills and improve their professional competencies.

Young People’s Leadership Development (YPLD) offers opportunities for young people to engage in hands-on leadership endeavors and executing personal initiative with educational institutions in collaboration with other private organizations (profit and non-profit). This program is designed to advance and enhance credible aptitude and sustain inspiration among young people. Further, the program embraces the cultural diversity in our community and provides the opportunity for young people  (7 years and above) to build their leadership skills. YPLD further seeks to develop youths who are resilient to day-to-day challenges of life.  With the YPLD's framework, youth are able to advance aptitude and sustain inspiration as future leaders of our communities. This program establishes and promotes the link among higher education students, high school students, and the community members. The framework also facilitates the opportunity for individuals to embrace diversity within the community.

The vision of this program is to develop young leaders, advance aptitude and sustain inspiration. The mission is to use leisure and recreation experiences foster practical and advance leadership skills and to provide an avenue for young people to embrace diversity.   See Testimonials

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