Institute for Youth Leaders


Fiddelis Makaula - YAC 2017 Facilitor

Fiddelis Makaula, MSc. 

Recorder: International Youth Academy Cafe, 2017

Ed.D Candidate, Educational Leadership, University of Northern Iowa

"International Youth Academy Café was really amazing! The experience was incomparable. It helped me further develop meaningful dialogue and conversation skills as I got to interact with people of different races and aspirations. That way I was also able to make friends from all different works of life, cultures, races, and religions, was remarkable. International Youth Academy Café also reignited my passion for my nation. I learned about the importance of listening to the voices of the youth. It was interesting to understanding that students who are committed to making a difference can impact not only their learning institutions but also the world at large. Academically, International Youth Academy Café helped me to know how best to design and conduct focus group interviews. Being a recorder in the focus group, I was able to learn how to generate effective questions, plan the session and take notes throughout the discussion. Thus, International Youth Academy Café helped to prepare me as I embarked on my journey of collecting data for my dissertation" said Fiddelis M.

Mahjabeen Hussain, MA.Mahjabeen H. Facilitator of YAC 2017

Facilitator: International Youth Academy Cafe, 2017

Ed.D Candidate, Curriculum & Instruction, University of Northern Iowa

"The Youth Academy provided a unique platform and a safe zone. I was able to engage in conversation with a diverse group of people. It brought diversity under one big umbrella, helped identify challenges international students encounter, and encouraged sharing of ideas. I learned about opportunities to avail and possible strategies to overcome academic challenges" said Mahjabeen H.

Ariane Hakizimana 

YPLD Program Lead, Spring

Area of Study: Leisure Youth and Human Service 

YPLD Program Lead

Ariane Hakizimana was one of the YPLD program lead, Spring 2018. She is an undergraduate student in Leisure Youth and Human Services program. In her report, she stated 

The Young People's Leadership Development event was a fun event that brought children together to enjoy fun activities, social skills and critical thinking. Children had a lot of fun, they created things during the activity time that they were able to take home. They learned social skills such as sharing with one another, whether it was sharing a pen or paint or even helping their friends. They were put face to face with their fears by climbing the wall and they did really good. They created fun cards and most of the cards were for people they look up to. Some of the cards were to their parents, teachers and the event facilitators. One of the kids made me a card which was really cute and heartwarming.  They went home with a smile because of the fun activities, the games, the rock climbing, the pizza, and the prizes they got to take home.

I was glad to be a part of this event because it taught me how to work with children, leadership skills, organization, and pronunciation and enunciation skills. We had to be careful of how we gave instructions to the children so that they could understand. I was glad to improve my leadership skills, to meet new people and also to make a difference in children’s life by brightening their day. Thank you Marie Elomba Adebiyi for this wonderful program that benefited our community.