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Cedar Valley's Little Free Pantries

Joyce Levingston, MA

Creator, Cedar Valley's Little Free Pantries

Joyce Levingston. Cedar Valley Little Pantries

Free Little Pantries all over the Cedar Valley Community

"I don't ever think about how I feel helping the community," said Levingston. "I always feel that the community is helping me out. I just love seeing the utilization of the pantries...I feel really good when I come and the pantries are empty and I feel good when I come home from work and I have stuff on my front porch for me take for the pantries." read more

Joyce Levingston. CVLP site

The Little Free Pantry is a national grass root, crowdsource the solution to the immediate and local need. Whether it be a need for food or a need to give food, the Little Free Pantry facilitates neighbor helping a neighbor, building community. This program addresses issues of food insecurities in the community. Joyce Levingston, a Leisure, Youth, and Human Services graduate student established the Little Free Pantry Program in the Cedar Valley. The program is designed to help children and adults who may sometimes fall between the cracks in certain situations, such as when traditional food pantries are unable to meet a needy individual’s immediate hunger needs. Waterloo Mayor Quentin Hart assisted in the dedication of the Cedar Valley’s Little Free Pantry program on Monday, November 21, 2016. Three Little Free Pantry sites located in Waterloo at the Jesse Cosby Neighborhood Center at 1112 Mobile Street, the 1800 block of Newell Street, and the Antioch Baptist Church, 426 Sumner Street. Homemade boxes are installed where those with food can give and those who need food can take 24/7. The program is supported by the community through monetary and non-perishable food and personal care donations such as rice, dried beans, dried fruit, dry soup packages, canned vegetables and fruits, and boxed dinners such as Hamburger Helper. Personal care items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, Kleenex, and toilet paper are also welcomed. Donations of non-perishable food and personal care item can be dropped off at a Little Free Pantry location. Donations are also accepted at the Institute for Youth Leaders at 105 Human Performance Center (HPC) or by contacting Joyce Levingston at 273-2840 or Learn about the Cedar Valley’s Little Free Pantries Program at https:// Learn more about Little Free Pantry

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