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Welcome to the Institute for Youth Leaders (IYL). We invite you to explore our site and participate in our discussions and ongoing support of youth programs and projects. At IYL, we take youth and their endeavors seriously. We seek to promote and empower youth in their social, emotional, physical, and educational quests. Join us on our journey to educate, elevate, and uplift our youth.  Thank you for visiting our website.

Recent Activity

The Institute is particularly vibrant in the area of youth work and has produced several publications, which we invite you to use as resources in your own work. The Institute's director, Dr. Christopher R. Edginton, has also been featured as a guest editor

Mission Statement

The Institute for Youth Leaders encourages scholarly activities and community services. Toward this end, the Institute will be involved in the identification of problems and concerns related to youth and the delivery of youth services.

Our Goals

  • To develop, enlarge, and expand a basic program of research focused on the need of youth including: 

        • an identification of problems, issues and potential solutions,

        • focusing on organizations and institutions delivering youth services 

        • outreach and counseling services to practitioners

        • other persons interested in establishing or enhancing youth services.

  • To promote and encourage cross-disciplinary research by undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty on issues and concerns related to youth and institutions/organizations delivering youth services. 

  • To improve or expand or result in development of new processes, procedures, and projects of youth service delivery by providing resources.

  • To develop, acquire, store, and disseminate resource materials which are useful to practitioners, students, and professionals which can assist in the upgrading and enhancement of youth services.
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